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    www.artistssin.com - the directory of chemicals and chemical suppliers. The search engine opens a large data base and offers new supply sources
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    Banner advertisement

    May we invite you to place a banner advert in BuyersGuideChem. All banners include a link to the corresponding website address. Two types of banners are offered:
    • Headline banner is published on the top of a page.
      The banner above is an example.
      (Size: 468*60 pixels, type: .png / .gif or .jpg)
    • Insert banner is published in the right panel of the different pages.
      The banners in the right panel are examples.
      (Size: 160*60 pixels, type: .png / .gif or .jpg)

    We offer to publish these banners on pages which are visited by our readers most frequent.

    The Welcome page
    This is the first page of BuyersGuideChem (.com, .de, .us, .info, .org, .eu)
    This start page is visited more than 600,000 times per year.
    These are our charges:

       Headline banner  1,800 USD / 1,600 EUR per year
       Insert banner     900 USD /    800 EUR per year

    The pages "Chemical search & result "    
    See an example.
    (contains: Search by product name - Advanced Search - Product Listing A-Z - CAS number). These pages are issued and read about 7,000,000 times a year.
    These are our charges:

       Headline banner 2,400 USD / 2,100 EUR per year
       Insert banner  1,200 USD /    1,050 EUR per year

    The page "Suppliers for ..."    
    See an example.
    This page is issued to present the suppliers for each product found - about 11,000,000 times last year.
    These are our charges:

       Headline banner 4,800 USD / 4,000 EUR per year

    MEDIA-Data 2020 - Please contact us to get more data about our service !!!

    Please contact us by email to get a detailed offer or to agree upon the place and the time and on the preparation of the banners.
    We would be glad to offer special placements on demand.

    How do you find
    new customers?

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    Hainan ZhongXin Chemical Co., Ltd.

    Shanghai Mintchem

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