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    www.artistssin.com - the directory of chemicals and chemical suppliers. The search engine opens a large data base and offers new supply sources
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    Register your Company

    >>List your company now

    We invite producers and suppliers of chemicals to register their company.
    These are our services:
    • Your company address and your products will be published for one year.
    • If any reader is searching for your products you will be issued as a supplier.
    • A short information on your company is published, the 'Company Profile'.
    • It contains an email form. Readers can send inquiries directly to you (example).
    • The readers can visit your hompage if you have set the homepage link.
    • You can read and modify your company data or your products online using Member's page.
    • At the end of the year you will get statistical data:
      Which products have been requested how many times?
      How many readers have visited your company information page?
      We will ask you to continue the presentation for another year.
    These are our rates (per year): (Date: April 1st 2010)
    Up to     50 products 290 EUR  355 USD *  
    Up to   200 products 390 EUR  495 USD *  
    Up to 1000 products 520 EUR  650 USD *  
    Publish the homepage address + link 110 EUR  135 USD *  
    * USD for non EC-countries
    After publication you will get our invoice
    we accept  VISA und MasterCard  AMERICAN EXPRESS  PayPal

    Privileged placement and detailed description of products are our special services
    Registration form   Register your company now

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